The habit of unconsciously grinding or clenching the teeth, by day or by night, it is known as bruxism.

Its consequences go from an irreversible wear of your teeth to muscle tension, joint problems and headaches.

Although the cause of bruxism is actually unknown, thanks to recent studies we know that there are risk factors associated with bruxism: stress, specific drugs and caffeine are some of them.

The solution to these alterations is the placement of mouth guards together with osteopathy and physical therapy sessions to obtain muscle relaxation.


Bruxism treatment by the use of mouth guards allow us to keep the jaw in a relaxed position and protect the teeth from grinding or clenching while sleeping.

The main function of the Michigan-type mouth guard is to avoid friction between the teeth in the lower arch and the upper arch, avoiding the tooth enamel to wear out.

The mouth guard is made of resin, but to be able to manufacture the mouth guard is it necessary, first of all, to make a mould from the teeth of the patient, and with this mould the dental technician will make the customised mouth guard.

It needs to be considered that the mouth guard requires specific cares, so there need to be made several controls and adjustments in order to fit perfectly to the shape of the teeth and in that way to properly accomplish its function.