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Get a perfect smile in a short time and without anyone noticing it with invisible orthodontics

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Guaranteed treatment

Specialized team of professionals

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CALL NOW: 971 57 10 53

Invisible Orthodontics Specialists

At the My Dentist & Kids Clinic, each patient is unique and special for us, so each person receives a totally individualized treatment aimed at fulfilling their expectations thanks to the detailed study of their case. For this the clinic offers its patients the most advanced technological means on the market in diagnosis and treatment, as well as high quality materials.

Dr. María Carolina Rozo is the specialist in orthodontics and has the certificates of dental aesthetics and design, handling of mini implants in orthodontics. Dr. María holds a degree in Dentistry and has a Master's Degree in Orthodontics and maxillary orthopedics

We want you to know us and know your case and concerns, to offer you the best answer to your needs. Therefore, the first consultation is free.

Guarantee, security and payment facilities for your implants

At Interklinic we want you to feel safe with us, that is why we offer you a wide guarantee in our treatments, completely closed budgets from the beginning, as well as excellent payment facilities.

Guaranteed treatment

Closed budgets

Any problem that may arise during the warranty period is assumed by us at no additional cost to you.

All our budgets are closed, so you do not find surprises during the treatment.

Payment facilities

We offer you flexibility of payment and options, you choose the fee and monthly payments that best suit your needs.

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Best valued dental clinic in Palma de Mallorca

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Why Invisible Orthodontics is the best solution to get the perfect smile

The invisible orthodontics is one of the most innovative orthodontic treatments and efficient to correct the teeth. It allows us to achieve the perfect smile and eliminate dental discomfort, without braces and that no one notices.

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Removable orthodontics

Totally clear

The aligners can be removed and put simply.

Transparent aligners, totally imperceptible to others.

Without annoying brackets and wires, it does not cause any discomfort.

No friction or discomfort

What our patients say

"Great treatment and professionalism, I have a couple of little jobs in my mouth and I do not have a single complaint, I recommend it"

Nicolas Kalisteo

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